Viajes Solidarios


Solidarity Trips

Getaways committed to others that will undoubtedly make a transformation in that traveler who puts his hands and his passion to help the world.

NGO Born To Learn in Tanzania

Building a school in Tanzania

Travel to Tanzania with NUBA, in collaboration with the Spanish NGO Born To Learn, to encourage literacy in children of the Newlands Community and in the construction of a new school.

Reforestation of forest in Costa Rica

Reforestation of La Tigra Forest Reserve in Costa Rica

Learn more about the project to plant trees and plant for life so that Costa Rica can become the first carbon-neutral nation in the world.

An Ocean without plastic

An Ocean without plastic in Los Cabos

Through the non-profit Pelagic Life Association, you’ll be part of a sea plastic cleaning program, an initiative that develops conservation strategies for endangered marine species.

Rhinoceros reintroduction in Africa

Rhinoceros reintroduction in Africa

This year we’re collaborating with Rhinos without Borders, a charity organisation that has recently invented a innovative approach to saving one of Africa’s most iconic creatures.

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